Crazy Confessions #1

Hello, everyone! I hope you all are enjoying your weekend!

I have decided to start this post titled “Crazy Confessions” where I will be sharing some of the craziest stuff that happened up till now in my life.

For my first post, I’m going to share this ‘situation’ I was in, during my Physics Practical Examination this semester.

Here’s the deal: I love Physics to death. Quantum Physics is just my thing… And, well, Physics rocks. But one thing I understood through the Physics Lab this semester, is that I suck at performing experiments on light with good accuracy.

My batch was split into about eight groups with two in each one. Two groups would peform an experiment together in a period. My group had quite an amazing start as our first experiment was Diffraction Grating. Diffraction Grating was an effed up piece of crap where we had this stupid set-up: The light source, the telescope and the collimator.


That’s a spectrometer. The aim of this experiment is to find the wavelength of sodium light.

I swear, we tried. We even had a repeat class to do it over again. But, nope. I just didn’t get the concept. Finally, I copied the readings from someone else and submitted the record. For my first practical exam, I memorised the entire observation table and hoped I would not get it. And I didn’t. So, *phew*.

Next came my Final Lab Exam. They say you can’t get lucky twice. I got Grating, and wow! You should’ve seen my hands when I tried to sign the attendance sheet. They were shaking like I was trying to shake a bug off my hand! The Lab Attendants thought I was having a seizure or something and offered me water.

I went to the dark room and prayed that I could cook up some reasonable readings by working backwards. I stood in front of that dreaded apparatus and gave it a long, hard stare cursing its existence before whipping out my calculator to come up with the readings.

Since I succumbed to pressure right at the beginning, I couldn’t think properly and proceeded backwards starting with the diffraction formula by taking 1 Ångström as ten raised to power of minus nine meters (instead of ten). I got insane answers, and I was literally in the state of tears. I realised my mistake when I had about half an hour left and thankfully corrected the readings and got SANE values of wavelength.

This was one experience that really made its mark. I learnt the hard way to keep a cool mind even in the toughest of situations.

There’s that. Have you gotten into any crazy situations? What are your experiences?



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