My Latest Obsession: MasterChef Australia


Now, I’m not one for watching TV shows.

In fact, I rarely switch the TV on and watch a movie or anything. This is funny, since everyone else in my family spend every minute of their spare time sticking their heads into it.

One day, when my sister was randomly flipping through channels, she stopped at this one particular channel. After a while, she calls out to me asking me to come and watch this ‘amazing show’ with her. I rolled my eyes and reluctantly looked up from my computer to watch this “show” with her.

That was the day I got addicted to MasterChef.


I am no cook – in fact, I am scared to even switch the stove on. But I immensely enjoy the show, the competition and love all the contestants.

It started out with about 24 contestants in the beginning. So, they hold this challenge from which they select the top three dishes whose makers get to fight for an “immunity pin” and the bottom three go through a pressure test in which one will eventually be sent home.

Trust me when I say we viewers will be more tensed than those cooks out there during the Pressure Test. I admire the contestants’ ability to keep fighting, to keep putting up good dishes and stay focused.

Immunity Pin

When it comes to a competition we follow with bated breath, all of us have our own favourites – those people we root for. Here is the list of contestants I am rooting for:










That was me after I got a notification stating Karmen liked my tweet. #FanGirling




I really hope these people finish off at the top. ARGGHH! How much I love this show!


Do you watch MasterChef? If yes, who are you rooting for? If not,


If you don’t, I’ll kill you. I’m known to be a really unstable person now and then.







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