Crazy Confessions #2


This time, I’m going to talk about an insane experience I had in my college this semester.

We have this thing called an “Institute Gathering in our college. It goes on for about ten days and is troublesome as hell (at least for introverts like me).

In this thing, we represent our respective departments and compete against the other departments. We even had shirts made specially for our Departments. Since my department is Metallurgy, we had this cheesy quote printed on our shirts:


Meh. So, we had to sport these shirts and carry banners with slogans written in favour of our department. Then we had to stand in formations and march to the sports ground shouting slogans and anti-slogans of the other departments.

Sounds fun, right? Well, it was. Only the first day. Since I couldn’t play sports worth a penny, I was asked to join the enthu-squad (where we cheer for the team). The real pressure of the event began to set in from the next day. Our classes were cut short from seven-freaking-thirty in the morning to one thirty. We had to grab lunch immediately, dress up according to the day’s theme (where we basically let our seniors abuse us with face and body paints, and wear freaky-ass colourful clothes), run to the ground and yell our life out cheering for our department. We even had this dumb dance which we had to do. Ugh.

The First And The Last “Face Paint” I Ever Got Done (MME- Metallurgical and Materials Engineering)

Excuse my creepy expression in the above picture. I am allergic to being photographed (I mean, how do you know where to look when being photographed?! I just don’t get it).

For a person like me, who absolutely loathes being in crowded places (Yup, I’m enochlophobic), it was hell. And I can’t shout or raise my voice. At the end of the second day, I was literally talking air – my throat was gone. I was tired, and couldn’t get a single work done that night. I struggled to wake up the next day and literally slept through all my classes. With that, I was so done with this IG business. I shut myself in my room and refused to budge when my co-Metallurgy mates asked me to join them.

The number of girls in Metallurgy are less, which was why my absence was immediately noted and two seniors were sent to get me to the ground. I came up with an insane amount of reasons and lies but they wouldn’t stop cajoling. Finally, I called my mother and asked her to yell at them for me (I am a baby).

One of them spoke to my mother and convinced her to make me spend an hour a day participating in the event. I reluctantly went to the ground and was furious when I had to stay till the night, again.

Now, I was pissed. I went straight to my H.O.D (Head Of Department) and complained, hoping that he would keep this complain anonymous and take action. To my luck, he didn’t. The same senior who spoke to my mother was apparently his favourite student and she was called to sort my problem out! I was so mortified. It was an awkward moment indeed.

I was then left free for a while only to be dragged into the final rally again where I received queer, snide looks from my peers and seniors for being the “rebel”.

Sigh. Even my student mentor is scared of me, now. Fun, right?


Awkward moments just find me. Jeez, I am such a magnet.

Have you had similar experiences? Any awkward moments worth mentioning? Do let me know!

For my first Crazy Confessions post where I talk about bad Physics Lab experiences, click here.




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