Liebster Award


First of all, I would like to thank Donish @ Book It With Don for this nomination. You guys should go check her blog out. It’s amazing!

What does the word Liebster mean? Liebster is German for sweet, favourite and dearest.


The Liebster Award is an award for bloggers. It helps to discover new blogs and to build a sense of community in the blogging world!


1. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you.
2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you.
3. Nominate 11 bloggers that you think are deserving of the award.
4. Let the bloggers know you nominated them.
5. Give them 11 questions of your own.


1. la

Here’s the point: I suck at slangs and abbreviations. A little Google search told me that OTP stands for ‘One True Pairing’.

My favourite OTP is:


Call it cheesy. Call it whatever you want, but I can’t get over the two of them. They are so completely different.. And I love the two of them.

2. la

I never had the idea of starting a book blog initially. I joined Goodreads about three years back and reviewing on it two and half years back.

About three months before my twelfth board exams, I decided I had to start a blog and I did. I guess I did that because I wanted something to help me take my mind off the huge looming presence of my final exams – it was purely therapeutic. It drove my mother insane, but I don’t regret it till date. I blogged for an year and a half under the domain: Shameeka Loves Reading before switching to this.



This book is yet to release. I got it from Netgalley and I absolutely loved it!

4. la

There are a couple of things I like to do when I’m not reading books:


5. la


I live in this small city called Chennai, in the southern part of India.

6. la

I wish I was a good cook, so, I would want to be in MasterChef Australia cooking with Matt Sinclair as I admire his tattoos.

7. la


I know that is probably the craziest answer ever. But yeah, I’d like to be Jane. I feel like I can relate to her in many ways, and she is so real, so flawed. That makes her seem more human than ever. Plus I get to bag Mr. Rochester. Bonus!

8. la

That’s a really interesting question. It’s a hard one, too. I would tell myself to try to improve on being more positive. One of my biggest drawbacks is that I’m generally a very negative person. Any small thing is enough to set me off to my personal hell of self-loathe. I’m trying hard to snap out of it now, but I believe I would’ve done a better job if I’d started battling it ten years ago.

9. la

I don’t usually watch TV or shows nowadays (though I just started watching GOT with my friend). But back when I was young, I used to be addicted to Wizards Of Waverly Place and Power Rangers. In fact, I still love Power Rangers. My favourite is Power Rangers RPM.

I literally don’t have any knowledge in this area. Any suggestions?

10. la

I would want to be in Germany. All my Quantum Physics heroes are from Germany, so I’d want to be there too.

11. la

This one’s easy.




Candace @ Literary Dust

Fiona @ Embracing The Cliché Blog

Jessica @ My Fantasy Escape

Nina @ By Plane or By Page

And every awesome blogger out there! Feel free to do it. I would love to get to know more about you. Do leave your links below!













13 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. Well done! I’ve had a look at some of your posts, I love the way you’ve laid it out and the fonts you’ve used, it really made me want to read more but I have to go to work!

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