The Anne Of Green Gables Book Tag

Anne Of Green Gables Read-Along


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Everything I Never Told You by Celeste NG

This book managed to keep me guessing till the end, and revealed a huge twist in the end. I kind of saw it coming but I wasn’t sure till the end. I loved this book.


Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

This one had a really surprising ending which I totally didn’t see coming. I didn’t like the ending.. But it still managed to surprise me.

I’m not able to think of any other books at the moment so those should do.



There are many books that I’m eagerly anticipating. But one book that really caught my eye and is going to have me waiting for quite sometime is:

Replica by Lauren Oliver

I love the cover, the author and the synopsis. This one releases on October 4th.

I. Can’t. Wait.






Hungry by H. A. Swain

This is undoubtedly one book that had a great premise but was utterly disappointing. The premise promises a dystopian world where Human beings do not know the feeling of being hungry.

But the book is just one huge load of cheesy YA vapid crap. So disappointing.




There is no specific genre I don’t read. So, I really don’t have any answer to this question..



For some reason, I’m really not able to think of any such book at the moment. I really don’t think I have been INFLUENCED by a book or anything… Is that weird?



Finnick (Oh, why you?! *sob*) and Primrose from The Hunger Games. Sirius, Snape and Dumbledore from Harry Potter. My list could actually go on and on.

Fun fact: I got reminded of this after I read the word ‘Reaper’ in the question. I am obsessed with the image of the Grim Reaper. I have no idea why, but I just admire him and his scythe.  In fact, I love to imagine my mini-drafter to be my own scythe with which I could kill all human beings in the world! (WARNING: This is what happens when you listen to too much Metal..)



I loved doing this tag! This tag is a part of the read-along hosted by Pages Unbound but can be done even if you’re not a part of it. If you’re interested, you could do the tag too! Don’t forget to go check out the original post @Pages Unbound.shameeka


13 thoughts on “The Anne Of Green Gables Book Tag

      1. Every once in awhile I remember the book and think “Hm, maybe I’ll read it anyway,” and then I see someone talking about how much they didn’t like it. I should probably just take a hint and stay away. :p

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      1. Yeah, that’s true. I think it’s because it’s easier or cheaper to market series since they already have a fan base, but I also go by author recognition, so I don’t see why an author can’t write a few stand-alones now and then!

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