Crazy Confessions #3


Hello, everyone!

I have decided to start this post titled “Crazy Confessions” where I will be sharing some of the craziest stuff that happened up till now in my life.

I’d been living in Singapore for about five years before my family decided to move back to India once and for all. Before we moved back here, we used to visit our home as frequent as possible. We live in an apartment here in a nice, quiet locality.

Beside our apartment, there is this individual house in which an old couple live in. All the children in our apartment, including myself were terrified by the old lady. This fear stemmed from a certain incident:

My mother’s best friend has two sons and they had come to our house to visit us. My sister, the boys, some other children from my apartment and I decided to play throw ball – with my tennis ball, since we didn’t have anything else then. We were so caught up in the game, that we didn’t realize that the compound wall separating the neighbouring house from ours’ was insanely low. After a few throws, the ball flew beautifully into their lawn.

Now, trust me when I say that their lawn is actually an overgrown mess of plants and trees. Basically, their house resembles a haunted house. It looks like a place that came straight out of a horror book!

One of the boys decided to go and get our ball. He went to their gate and jingled the lock until the lady came out. She scowled at the boy when he asked her if he could take the ball, yelled at him and went back inside. Finally, the boy decided to climb the gate to get the ball, and was caught by the lady in the process. It was like a bomb was set off! The lady yelled her head off and all of us ran like we were being chased by a pack of wolves (I was nine!).

Since then, if a ball or a shuttlecock goes into their lawn, we consider it gone.

I used to wonder why they were so bitter, but still wouldn’t give up a chance to ridicule them or make fun of them.

When I grew older, I tried to guess what was wrong with them. I saw the old man (he’s about 90 years old!) once when I was standing in a bus stop carrying a bag of groceries and struggling. I went up to him and offered to help. He grew angry, dropped the bag and started walking away. I felt really guilty that day.

The old man died about an year back, and the lady lives alone now.

I don’t know what happened to them, but I was able to find out that they had been abandoned by their children, who snatched everything away from them except that house. Rumour has it that they’re coming back to claim the house before the lady dies. I understood then, that the couple were scared of people. With all their strength gone, they cannot defend themselves on their own, and hence pushed everyone away in the fear of getting hurt again.

Now, the plants and trees are being trimmed and the house is being repainted. Sometimes, I see the lady walking in the lawn helped my the painters to inspect the work being done. I can’t help but feel sorry for her. Every time I see the painters snickering at the lady struggling to walk, this anger arises within me and I feel this strong urge to kick them.

The comical colours the house is being painted with. Is this going to be converted into a disco hall or something?

I am outraged at how materialistic this world is becoming – how one’s lives and money dominate and overpower years of unconditional love and sacrifice – how we don’t hesitate to throw away relations just for a bunch of papers.

This is not exactly a funny, or a crazy post. This is just me sharing, and mentally reaching out to all those elderly people who have been abandoned or misunderstood. We, as Humans must bring about a change within ourselves and acknowledge all those our relations have done for us. What’s more important is that we have to show our gratitude before it’s too late.




9 thoughts on “Crazy Confessions #3

  1. That’s quite sad for the old lady, being so bitter because of what their own children did, and you’re a lovely person! What was she thinking with all these colors though..she couldn’t decide which one so she just decided to have them all on her walls? I hope it’s not the same inside 😉

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    1. I really don’t understand the story behind all those colours! The people here assume that the painters are using all the leftover paints they have to paint the house 😀 I hope that’s not how it is on the inside, too!


  2. Such a sad story. Sometimes people get so used to being suspicious of others and pushing them away, they aren’t able to recognize a friendly gesture when it’s offered.

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  3. Such a sad story! I’m thinking about what it means to get old and more frail a lot these days. We too lived in another country for a while – we emigrated to New Zealand and lived there for 4 years but are now back in England. Turns out we missed grey skies and English sarcasm and didn’t like earthquakes! Anyway, as my parents get more in need of care, I’m so grateful to be nearby. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be on the other side of the world now. Thanks for sharing the story. Tess x

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