Review: Fuck Love by Tarryn Fisher





Helena Conway has fallen in love.
Unwillingly. Unwittingly.
But not unprovoked.
Kit Isley is everything she’s not—unstructured, untethered,
and not even a little bit careful.
It could all be so beautiful … if he wasn’t dating her best friend.
Helena must defy her heart, do the right thing, and think of others.
Until she doesn’t.


I love Tarryn Fisher. I really do. I love her Instagram pictures, her writing, her characters and everything about her.

But when I read this book, it was that moment when you realize that your favourite author is trying waaaay too hard to come up with cool, unique bitchy characters. I am really sorry to say that I hated this book. Absolutely.

Before I read this book, if anyone gave Fisher’s book a one star my reaction would be:


That person giving a one star for her book is now me, though.

Reading this book was:


The first chapter of the book is called #wtf. Here’s what Professor Snape says:


#wtf indeed. How it sucked.

The story is told from Helena’s POV, which, frankly was really irritating. Her habit of biting her nails out, her beige (top know), and that habit of keeping a box of socks under her bed… I can name a million things about Helena that drove me crazy.

Then, she has this ridiculous dream where she and Kit (an equally irritating character) end up together and have kids when in reality, Kit and her best friend Della are going out.

Here’s what I felt. The characters were developed from the characters of her earlier novels: Kit Isley was just like Caleb Drake from the Love Me With Lies series and Isaac from Mud Vein. Then, there’s Helena with her “I’ll run away from love and my life if things start getting serious” attitude. Sounds like someone we know? Yup. It’s Olivia Kaspen from the Love Me With Lies series and a bit like Senna from Mud Vein.


I have a few words to say to Tarryn Fisher:

We all know that


But sometimes, when you try too hard to make that happen, this is the kind of book you get. Repetitive. Boring. Irritating.

You know what? Fuck this book, Kit and Helena. Not love.



Have you read any books by Tarryn Fisher? Do you feel her characters and plot are repetitive?



6 thoughts on “Review: Fuck Love by Tarryn Fisher

  1. I thought about reading this a while back until I read the first chapter on Amazon. What a weird idea for a story. I also didn’t like this author’s novella series Never Never that she did with Colleen Hoover. I still might try out one of her books in the future.

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