My Current Obsession: Beta State


Now, I’ve mentioned just about a hundred times that I love Linkin Park. For those who don’t know, there is this thing called “Linkin Park Underground” through which they release an album every year containing demos of unreleased songs/released songs.

In LPU XIII (the album that released in 2013), the final song is called “Change” and is composed by this band called Beta State in the Red Bull Studios, along with Linkin Park.

That song is one of my favourites for a very long time. Recently, I found this Nightcore version of the song on YouTube. I mean, I’m usually not a fan of anime-versions of songs.. But this one was WOW. Somehow, that edge of desperation in the singer’s voice is even more enhanced and the musical elements just pop. I know that no additional work has been put into this version – the tempo is faster and the pitch is higher. It sounds perfect for some reason..

The video of Beta State working with Linkin Park:

Guys, you have to check Beta State out! They are hugely underrated but make amazing songs. Like I love their song “Left With The Pain” (Ignore the weird video and listen to just the song):

You really have to know how much Beta State is professional and thoughtful! They put their older works into proper albums, assigned orders and covers, put it into an iPod neatly and handed it to Chester after one of the LP concerts. Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda especially was super impressed by their work and decided to give them a chance. Click here to view Mike’s impression in his blog.

Beta State is really talented and hardworking band. I really wish they achieve the success they deserve one day!

Have you heard of Beta State before? What do you think of their music?



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