Dream Library | My Ideal Spot To Snuggle With A Book And Chill

dream lib

Molly Kay from Arhaus reached out to me last week and proposed a wonderful idea – sharing my idea of a dream library. This is probably something we book lovers always have at the back of our minds, which was why I was super excited to post about this. I would like to thank Molly for approaching me with this thought-provoking idea and want you to go check out Arhaus (they have some amazing collections of furniture – links are given at the end of the post)! This post helped me get a clearer picture of this image that has always been in my head.

I’m no architecture student, so bear with me as I try to “describe” the details of how my dream reading nook would be.


I’m always a huge fan of rich, warm coffee-brown walls. I find them very soothing and it makes me feel calm. I also love having patterns or beautiful things painted on the walls to accentuate the neutral colour. I probably would have my favourite book quotes painted on the walls amidst soft, floral designs. I hope that makes sense. The picture I’ve used above caught my eye thanks to the bold flowers painted onto the wall in a colour that complements the base colour perfectly. The image has been taken from Decor Pad.


Lights are a very important aspect of a library. They shouldn’t be too bright or too dull as both cause eye-strain. I love ceiling lights and feel that they can make anything look classy and beautiful. What better way to highlight your book collection than ceiling lights? The above picture is from a post called “My Office Library Remodel”.

Then, I would like lights hanging from every partition of the book shelf so as to give this fiction-y feel about the shelf. The design would be something like this (image from Pinterest):

I also love this hanging light from Arhaus – they have a wonderful collection of hanging lights.

Industrial Flare Pendant in Antiqued Brass

As for reading lights, I’ve always wanted to get these lights that are placed at the end of long, arched rods that come up to above the couch in which we sit and read.  For instance, I fell instantly in love with this one here from “Fresh Design Pedia”:

It looks really modern and emanates just enough light to read comfortably without eyestrain.


A round couch/bed is something I would go for (Picture from “Interior.bit“). As tempting as the window side reading-nooks look, I personally find them too “corner-ish“. The couch put right in the middle of the room gives the perfect amount of space and is comfortable to stretch out a little to read while lying down. A couple of cool-bookish throw pillows to decorate around the couch would also increase the comfort and lift the look.


Coming to the main part of the library, the shelf. I’ve always fancied full-length shelves that cover two walls entirely. The picture above describes exactly how I want my shelves to look. I’d probably add a cute white ladder to make it look all library-ish. Molly suggested this beautiful shelf from Arhaus which also looks beautiful.


I’d probably add a couple of cool rugs at the foot of the shelf just for the kicks. At this moment, this is all I could come up with through my limited imagination skills. Did you like any of these things? Any suggestions to make this “dream library” better?

Huge thanks to Molly for giving me this opportunity. It was fun to come up with all this.

These are some links to the awesome furniture at Arhaus: Check out their collections of sectional sofas, living room furniture and lights!




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