hello everyone! welcome to shameeka’s fictional world!

i am deepa, a college student pursuing a phd in materials science and engineering at texas a&m university. i started this blog under the pseudonym ‘shameeka’ when i was in high school as an avenue for stress relief. here i am years later, still incosistent with my posts but always trying to share my thoughts about the books i read as honestly as possible.

i love reading anything fiction but my favourite genres are fantasy, horror and psychological thrillers. my favourite authors are roald dahl, agatha christie, gillian flynn, aprilynne pike, stephen king, katherine arden and amy harmon.

my mbti personality type is infj and i love finding cozy, quiet corners to curl up and read or just think random thoughts. apart from reading, i love listening to metal and love death and progessive metal in particular.

my favourite bands include alkaloid, allegaeon, between the buried and me, bring me the horizon, fallujah, inferi, katatonia, obscura, periphery, rivers of nihil, tesseract and too many more to list them all here.

i try to review books as fair as possible but some of my reviews are more of rants. it is nothing personal i mean no hate towards the author or the book itself and i appreciate the fact that someone else out there would have enjoyed the book; those are my thoughts and nothing more than that.

as i want to read more classics, i am currently taking part in the gilmore girls reading challenge and would love to do a read-along with anyone interested!

feel free to share your thoughts or recommend any cool book you’ve just finished reading. you can contact me at: shameekalovesbooks@outlook.com


28 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Shameeka! It is indeed a pleasure to get to know your blog. With time, I hope to discover great content from your really enriching blog.
    I am an Indian and I am pursuing an undergraduate degree in Electronics and Communication.
    I love anime. My favouritre till date is Death Note. I hope to collect the really gorgeous black edition of the manga.
    Have a Good Day!

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    1. Wow. It’s amazing to discover a fellow Indian blogger and a lover of anime! Thanks a lot for stopping by! Hopefully, we could get to know each other better soon. (If you don’t mind, where do you study?)


  2. Hola Shameeka! I love the design of your blog! Do you do all the illustrations yourself?
    Have you every seen a meteor shower? I’ve always wanted to see one of those.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve wanted to see one of those too! I love locating and tracing planet positions and basic constellations. I always wanted to be an Astrophysicist! Most of the illustrations are my sister’s. I just put everything together and the rest I get online . Thanks for stopping by! ❤


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