monthly wrap-up // november 2021

i’m super late again but i fianlly managed to make it despite finals week haha! here is my monthly wrap-up for november:

all these bodies by kendare blake was a read that i ended up absolutely loving! set in a small town surrounding mysterious bloodless murders, the book is equally character-driven as it is plot-driven. i thought kendare did an amazing job developing the small town charm, the main characters and the mystery of the killings. the cruel prince by holly black was a book that i did not end up liking as much because i felt the world building was a little lazy and that the plot was a bit cliché.
i loved dark things i adore by katie lattari and literally could not put this one down! the corpse flower by anne mette hancock was also one of my favourite reads this month! you can find my thoughts on these books here.
oh these were two books i definitely did not like. billy summers by stephen king was ridiculously long and so, so disappointing and you can find my full review on this here – man there was a lot to shit that went down in this book. the brightest star in paris by diana biller had an amazing protagonist and the development of the historical paris was great as well and was supposed to be a second-chance romance which i usually enjoy. however i did not love it as much as i thought i would as it failed as a romance novel with the relationship between amelie and ben being quite toxic and the paranormal elements that i was not quite prepared for.
oh my god i loved rock paper scissors by alice feeney so much! i literally could not stop reading this one and they way alice develops the characters slowly while building up the mystery only for that amazing twist in the end – simply amazing. the next book i read was payback’s a witch by lana harper. this book which was supposed to be an entertaining revenge story about the main character emmie and her friends who decide to take revenge on gareth, a guy who is basically a fuck boy. i loved the witch-y elements, the world and the ‘finding herself’ arc of the protagonist but it fell a little short as emmie’s personality was not developed well. since we read the story through her perspective, i felt the book was not as exciting or amazing as it could have been if emmie had more personality and if i could connect more with her.
his & hers by alice feeney was the book i picked up right after rock paper scissors because i could not get enough of alice feeney. this book is pretty thrilling as well but i did not enjoy the twists in the end as much as i did in rock paper scissors as it felt too forced and unnatural, in my opinion. i read the english translation of srikanta, originally written in bengali (an indian language) after it was gifted to me by a friend. it was very different from the books i usually read being set in very old times when things were not how they are now. however, maybe the translation did not do it justice because i could not connect with the protagonist, srikanta and felt he was quite flat in comparison to the other side-characters he encounters during the course of the plot.
haha clearly there is a pattern here. i am currently finished with these and ended up loving both but these were the books i was reading at the end of november.

did you read any of these books? link to your monthly wrap-up today so i can check out your reads!


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